Welcome to my Google sites website for RI 22 Smart Pills

RI 22 Smart Pills is one of the research projects I am undertaking at Project The Remote Influencer. The letters RI stand for Remote Influencing. 22 is a powerful number in numerology. My name is Anand Sule. I am the founder of RI 22 Smart Pills.

I had made mention of my use of supplements in my 2008 book, The Remote Influencer 2. I created the Facebook page for RI 22 Smart Pills in May of 2013. I'll provide a link to this page on a separate page.

You could say that RI 22 Smart Pills are the internet created smart pill. I have researched what types of supplements and supplement powders to add into my custom RI 22 Smart pills via internet research endeavors. I've used said research methods to find suitable empty gelcapsules with, too.

RI 22 Smart Pills are handmade, home made, custom supplements made using cost effective tools and infused with Remote Influencing energies. These combined components make the finished RI 22 smart pills even more powerful.